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With 220+ completed transactions, we are the most established Middle-Market Investment Banking firm in the Northwest.

Alexander Hutton proudly focuses on the Northwest region and puts great value in our local connection and enhancing our community from all levels of our firm.

Since 1986, we have completed more transactions than any other middle-market investment banking firm in the Northwest in a variety of industries.

Our clients are in a variety of industries that reflect the Northwest's worldwide expertise in manufacturing, technology, services, healthcare, and logistics.

Trusted Partners

Our legacy is entirely built upon the success of our clients. They come to us for an understanding of their industry and market trends, but stay for who we are, a strong group of committed colleagues with deep connections and operating experience. A hallmark of how we work is our integrity and trust toward each other. We bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and buyers to reach positive outcomes that prioritize culture and structure in addition to purchase price.


In Our Community

Managing Director, James Thompson, is a newly appointed chair to the Seattle University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) Advisory Board. Adding to the long history between Alexander Hutton and the IEC, James is excited to be able to continue doing his part to enrich the next generation of business leaders in our community!

While serving the on the Board of Trustees of Seattle University for 10 years, Managing Director, Kent Johnson was also a adjunct professor of MBA business management courses at SU and continues to mentor young entrepreneurs to reach their goals in business in the local community, creating more local business and expanding our local economy.

Among many other charitable, corporate and institutional roles Managing Director, Scott Hardman is a trustee for UWMC-Northwest and member of Seattle Pacific Executive Advisory Board, positions he holds in dear regard as a third generation Seattle resident helping to ensure our community receives the best healthcare that can be provided.

Alexander Hutton believes in the value of taking care of our local community. We are a proud supporter of the Seattle Union Gospel Mission and are committed to making an annual donation to the organization.

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