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Can you briefly describe your professional background?

I have dedicated my 20-year professional career to different aspects of the US healthcare sector, where I have operated businesses of varying sizes and complexities. Primarily as COO and CEO, I have had the privilege to work with incredible teams of people both within my organizations and with outside stakeholders and investors. Currently, I am the CEO of Seattle Sperm Bank, one of the nation’s most trusted sperm banks.


In your roles within the Healthcare industry, how have you engaged with M&A?

During my career, I have been involved in several acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers of the businesses I have operated. I was always intrigued with the transaction process - drawn in by the complexity, thrill, negotiation, and the high-stakes decision making. The world of an M&A transaction is exciting and fast-paced, and I have always been someone who really enjoys that. The initial infatuation I developed for the M&A process has since grown to become a staple of my professional life.

M&A is an area where I have continued to learn, both by doing and by educating myself. Most importantly, I have surrounded myself with people who energize me and with whom I can mutually teach and learn from. In my opinion, this is the key factor in developing professionally and gaining new skills and expertise.


How did you originally get connected to Alexander Hutton?

I was introduced to Alexander Hutton by a professional connection, whom I trust and admire, and have had the pleasure to develop a strong personal and professional connection with. Given that high level of trust in our closest network, we tend to be very selective with the introductions and recommendations we make. Based on that, I already had a perception that Alexander Hutton was a very strong organization. However, little did I know that I would be introduced to a small group of individuals where everyone, ranging from new team members, to seasoned veterans in the field, to the Strategic Advisors, shared an incredible drive, integrity, extreme focus and dedication, and a sense of joy and professional fulfillment in the work they were doing.


What stood out to you about Alexander Hutton?

Alexander Hutton is similar to other middle market M&A advisory firms in that they work closely side-by-side with their clients. However, one of the main differentiators is that the senior team of managing directors and strategic advisors are all former operators, business owners and entrepreneurs who have founded, acquired, grown, and sold companies. This allows the Alexander Hutton team to not just advise their clients, but to better relate to and understand clients based on their own personal experience as they prepare to go to market. This is a unique blend of transactional and operational expertise that I haven’t seen anywhere else.


What made you decide to join AH as a Strategic Advisor?

I am excited about working on M&A transactions, and I believe I fit in well with the team’s unique blend of qualities and expertise. I also have a strong competitive nature from being a lifelong athlete with a drive to win, and I have always been a team player. I think those attributes will be a recipe for success in this role, both for my own professional fulfillment and for the positive outcomes I can drive for our M&A clients.


What is the role of a Strategic Advisor?

As a strategic advisor, my role extends beyond mere transaction facilitation. It involves deep strategic thinking, from evaluating potential targets to integrating diverse corporate cultures post-merger. The advisory role is pivotal in guiding firms through the M&A process, ensuring that strategic objectives are met and that the transition is as smooth as possible. It’s about crafting stories of successful integration and growth, stories in which 1+1 equals much more than two. Mergers and acquisitions are not just about companies buying companies; they are about strategic growth, market adaptation, and transformative change. As a strategic advisor, I have the privilege of guiding businesses through this complex landscape, helping them achieve their strategic objectives and reshape their future.


What do you hope to accomplish in this new role?

After being involved in several transactions as a business operator, a consultant, a subject matter expert during due diligence, and as an outside CEO/business owner advisor to peer groups, I have observed a variety of different aspects of the M&A process and have gained insights and perspectives that I felt could possibly be useful to others. I have learned from my own mistakes, and I have learned from the mistakes I have seen up close from other parties. It is my goal to share my experiences, both successes and failures, and to ultimately help our clients achieve the favorable business outcomes they desire.


About Alexander Hutton
Led by a team of former business operators and executives who have built and sold companies, Alexander Hutton is a boutique, middle market M&A advisory firm that has completed over 225 successful transactions. We offer a unique understanding of what it takes to run a business and an accessible team dedicated to client service. By running a high-touch, competitive transaction process for each of our clients, we are able to help them achieve their ideal outcome.

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